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Why is Coding Suitable For Your Child?

online classes for kids
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Coding Bucket List For Your Child

online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids
online classes for kids

Coding for kids at Bloombrain

online classes for kids
Bloombrain provides numerous online coding courses for kids which includes video game programming courses, roblox coding, minecraft modding and codes for bubble gum simulator, etc. To maintain an effective educational environment while teaching programming to kids, it offers a personalized course syllabus designed at par with the industry standards. While understanding the basic needs of its young audience, it has educators who have expertise in offering hands-on experience in programming to scale your learning journey and help you solve your doubts over video call and screen share regularly. Like a career advisor, they guide you through each step. Youll learn the right thing at the right time, all in one place.

How is it different from others?

online classes for kids
Bloombrain makes programming fun and intuitive, yet is extensible and powerful enough to support general computation. The key difference resides in our video micro-lessons, which break down complex computer science concepts into fun and engaging exercises. From holding professionally designed courses of basic coding for kids to some crucial ones like google coding for kids, we become better than various other virtual platforms that offer computer coding for kids. Furthermore, we'll teach you the general skills and principles you need to be successful in just about every major programming language.

Coding for Kids - Live Course - Curriculum

online classes for kids
Grades Platforms Used Outcomes
1-2 Scratch and MIT App Inventor Learning basic apps, animations, stories and games design
3-4 Scratch and MIT App Inventor Advance Game theory and Mobile App Design
5-6, TinkerCAD, Introduction to Web Dev and Python Transition from block to text based coding, 3D object designing, designing web pages and introduction to Python
7+ Web Dev, Python, AI Playground and Blender Building Websites, Games, 3D Object Designing, Artificial Intelligence

Why Enroll for Coding For Kids Online Course?

online classes for kids

Coding is the future, so it’s better to start early

Coding has global relevance and is becoming a language that unites people from all over the globe. Due to its dynamic, adaptable, and functional nature, it is used in all industries across all sectors. It is one of the most basic requirements with massive growth potential for both development and employment because of its amazing utility. Therefore, it is an extremely useful and beneficial skill to possess, and what better way than to help your kids learn and understand at an early age. Bloom Brain recognizes that coding is a relatively new yet extensively applicable concept that opens up a world of opportunity for your child. It also makes their overall development better and more dynamic. Sign up for live online coding classes for kids with Bloom Brain today to help them succeed in their future endeavors!

Learning to code online enhances math skills

Maths is omnipresent, and online coding classes can help your kids’ maths get better without any extra effort. These classes teach them how to have fun with math, unlike the old and grueling classroom process of learning it by memorizing up formulas. By helping children visualize abstract concepts, these online coding classes allow them to apply maths to real-life situations, and not just on paper. They also teach organizational skills and analytical techniques through which children can subconsciously grow their maths skills without any hassle!

Coding can improve academic performance

Online coding classes can teach children how to communicate better and help with inculcating logical thinking. This method gives them suitable challenges and develops resilience. These classes instill a learning curve and a positive attitude towards learning about new things, which also help in improving kids’ academic performance by a significant margin. Therefore, signing up your child for online coding classes will help them plan and organize better, and also have better writing skills which can improve their academic performance.

Learning to code online fosters dynamic learning

We all are aware that learning is never one-dimensional, and coding is the best example that illustrates this. Coding fosters dynamic learning that is both theoretical and practical. When children learn to code, they get to use the concepts they learn by applying them in real life too. Therefore, this application-based learning makes the process more dynamic, engaging, and relevant, especially for the market, in terms of future growth and employment.

Improves thought-process and computational thinking

The way a child thinks and processes information can be significantly enhanced and improved if they take up online coding classes at a young age. When they learn to read and write code, they learn a methodical problem-solving process and develop cognitive skills that are close to that of a computer. This process often involves logically organizing and analyzing data, using abstractions and pattern recognition to better represent a problem, and identifying steps in a structured manner to solve problems. By inculcating and strengthening computational thinking, they can use it in other aspects of their lives besides coding too.

Better conflict prediction and resolution skills

Online coding classes help children with learning coding through trial and error, and with the careful and smart use of algorithms to solve complicated problems in simple ways. It helps children to become confident and good problem solvers. They learn how to handle errors, or even predict risks and potential threats or conflicts. Therefore, it prepares them to be more intuitive, careful and calculated to make better and well thought out decisions. These resolution skills are not exclusive to just coding. They can be transferred to other fields as well, and have wide applicability. Therefore, coding enables your child to be better at conflict prediction and have unique resolution skills for the real world as well.

Interesting and engaging to improve focus

Coding is a challenging and interesting language with a series of programs and algorithms that engage your kids’ minds and improve their overall focus. Due to the interactive interface, problem-solving nature, and wide adaptability of Online Coding Classes, they help with building young minds, making them sharper, and encourage algorithmic thinking. Moreover, online coding classes for kids also expand their creativity and give them the confidence and courage to experiment and make better decisions.

What Kids Will Learn in Coding For Kids Online Course?

online classes for kids


Online coding classes do not equip your children with just technical programming skills, but also other skills that can help them in all areas of life. Since it is a new discipline for them, it can be quite challenging. Hence, they will be solving complex problems through trial and error and make tons of mistakes before arriving at a logical conclusion or solution. Hence, online coding classes will teach them the valuable and indispensable skill of persistence, which can help them face other challenges in life with a better approach and outlook.


Coding is a language that cannot be mastered in isolation. You need to be in touch with others and solve complex problems through group brainstorming sessions. Moreover, through online coding classes, your kids learn to collaborate with kids of different learning abilities, curves, and intellectual capacities which not only sensitizes them but also prepares them for the real world. Through interactive and meaningful collaboration, your child can learn the true meaning of human relationships through coding!

Creative expression and better articulation

When your kid signs up for online coding classes, they don’t just learn a boring technical language. Instead, coding is a language that can help children express themselves creatively and in a more articulate fashion. It not only empowers and enables them to consume digital media and technology but also helps them create it. They can make their virtual applications and bring their ideas to life through this skillful language.

Logical thinking and its application

Logical thinking and its real-life application are crucial to your child’s development and progress in the digital world. Logical thinking is not specific to just coding but is also used and applied widely in entrance exams for various institutions and courses in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Therefore, online coding classes will help your kids in developing logical thinking and apply it in the real world successfully.

Sequencing and structures

Sequence and structures are intrinsic to coding and your kid will be taught the correct application and the basics in our live online coding classes.

Algorithmic thinking and problem-solving

Bloom Brain’s Live Online Coding Classes are based around comprehensive exercises and activities that encourage algorithmic thinking and improve the problem-solving skills in children. By breaking down a complex problem in easy, quantifiable steps, they can approach it in a better and more effective manner. This quickens the resolution process and enhances their overall problem-solving skills.

What Are The Benefits of Learning with Bloom Brain?

online classes for kids

Teaching module available

Along with our 5:1 teaching module, we also provide a 1:1 teaching module for kids who want more intensive learning and individual attention. In this module, your kid is assigned one teacher and gets one-on-one attention for online coding classes. This alternative is one of our most popular ones and is in high demand, so we suggest you sign up fast as the seats are limited!

LIVE classes

LIVE classes are conducted on a real-time basis, which paves way for two-way communication. This also helps quick resolution of doubts and problems since the online coding classes are live and students can raise questions in real-time and get their answers quickly, unlike recorded sessions which are not as interactive and interesting.

Qualified and experienced teachers

Bloom Brain prides itself in having some of the most qualified and experienced teachers in the field of coding and technology development. Our highly experienced and reputed faculty have expertise in computer science and children’s education. This is why when you choose Bloom Brain’s online coding classes for your kids, you choose the best of the best and ensure that your child is in capable hands!

Flexible online classes

Bloom Brain’s LIVE online coding classes are flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit your child’s timetable. We understand that kids today are engaged in different activities and skill classes. Hence, due to their online nature and small batches that are intensive and focus on individual development, our online coding classes are extremely flexible and make learning easier. Moreover, they also prevent oversaturation of information overload since they can be scheduled at a time of your convenience which ensures your child gets sufficient rest and breaks.

Verified certification provided to students

Certification in coding at a young age can help advance your child’s career phenomenally, and nudge them in the right direction. Bloom Brain provides verified certification to its students upon the completion of the course. This is a certificate that is recognized by most higher education institutes and is a concrete and impressive addition to their portfolio and resumes!

Highly rated and reputed institution

Bloom Brain is a highly rated and reputed institution, with over 10,000 students involved and benefiting through our online classes. The average CGPA of our students is an impressive 9, and we have over 95 qualified and highly experienced teachers to ensure that your child excels in whatever they choose to pursue with us.

Free trial class available

If you’re someone who isn’t convinced by what other people have to say, we have the perfect solution for you! Book a free demo class with Bloom Brain and let your child experience learning at its finest without any charges! We have free trial classes available for learning coding online to showcase our effective teaching model, and how your child will be attended to during the length of the course. So, don’t hesitate, and book a demo class now!

Customized curriculum according to the child’s abilities

Every child is different, and we recognize and acknowledge that. This is why Bloom Brain’s LIVE online coding classes are in 1:1 or 5:1 teaching modules with an emphasis on personal development. Through these small batches and our experienced faculty, we can customize the curriculum according to your child’s learning abilities. Hence, instead of rushing them through the course, we ensure they have a firm understanding and grasp of basic concepts. We believe that the foundation of learning has to be the strongest, and with our dedicated and focused approach, we derive a learning model and curriculum that is perfect for your child!

Real-world projects and assessments for practical learning and application

Coding is a practical subject and is extremely application based. This is why Bloom Brain’s LIVE online coding classes are designed in a way to prepare them for application-based projects that are both challenging and provide a great learning experience. These real-world projects and assessments help them get a better idea of what is happening in the industry, the latest trends, and helps them choose a specialization field. Through these projects, they get a better idea about how they can actually use coding in the future and even make it a career option.

Frequently Asked Questions - Coding for Kids - Live

online classes for kids

Can kids do coding?

Yes, kids can do coding! Coding is a language, just like other languages such as English or Hindi. Hence, coding can be learned by kids if they have the right exposure, mentors, and teachers to help and guide them through this language. The younger your children start learning to code, the better they will get at it as they grow up and advance in this field. Like any other language, practice and experience will always make them better and well-versed in this technical language.

How to teach coding to kids?

Coding is a technical language that requires expertise in computer science and programming, along with qualifications in children’s education. That is why we recommend our LIVE online coding classes if you want your kids to learn to code. Bloom Brain is an esteemed and reputed institution with over 95 qualified and experienced teachers who can help your child learn coding quickly and effectively through our coding classes.

How do you introduce kids to coding?

The Coding is not a hobby anymore; it has become the necessity of 21st century. We relate coding with real life examples. Our coding curriculum is not just a computer subject, it is STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics) based. We majorly focus on interdisciplinary approach so the child can relate coding with his/her school concepts. So the child won’t feel coding as a additional subject burden. It should be amalgamated with his other school subjects.

Which are the best gaming coding classes for kids?

It is always better to start with 2D game design using Scratch and platforms. Once being pro in that, the child can easily switch on to the 3D game designing using Unity.

How can kids learn to code?

We assess the child in the demo by interacting with him/her. Based on the response or his/her prior experience we suggest the course for him. Generally we prefer to start with block based coding to build the foundation or base of coding in an interactive and fun way. After that it is advised to move on to the text-based coding languages.

What are the best coding online classes for a 7th-grade child?

For Grade 7th child, considering him the absolute beginner, it’s good to start with Mobile App design platform. The visual programming of App Inventor and the abstraction and compartmentalization of concepts into components and blocks allow the app inventor to focus more on decomposing students’ problems into solvable elements. After that it will be easy for him to proceed with and switch on to the text based programming platforms like Python, HTML, JavaScript and more.